The PICC. Very simple! They told us to plan to be @ the Hospital for about 2-3 hrs.
Mom, Connie and I waited awhile in my private room and finally at 9 AM they took me back.
They started with my left arm, since I’m right handed, and after numbing the area proceeded to insert the line.  Well it didn’t go so good. It hit some type of “obstruction” and after some pushing around, which I felt, they pulled it out.
So they start all over on the right arm. Sigh. This time though everything went without a problem and actually took only a fraction of the time it took to try the left arm!
Eventually I was returned to my room and we waited for them to release me. We had some trouble because of communication issues between my dr and the hospital.  We left the hospital around 1:00 PM with a nice sized bruise on my left arm and a purple apparatus sticking out of my right arm.

Home Health Care came out that evening to show us how to take care of it and how to flush it. It needs to be flushed every 24 hrs to keep blood clots from forming.
Sunday was a rough day, a lot of pain from the procedure but by Monday morning my arm was feeling much better.
Monday I went to the neurologist in Greenwood. I would say that was one of my more discouraging visits. He wants to run more tests. one of which is a nerve test (can’t member the name). Part of it they shock me and another part they poke me with needles to see how I react. I figure I can just go ahead and scream for them so they don’t need to contaminate their sterilized needles! =) Unfortunately that’s not what they want.
They wanted to draw some blood as well. However my veins put up a fuss, guess they’d decided enough is enough. The main vein in my left elbow was too bruised to use so they tried 2 other veins in that arm and got only half of a tube! =) I’ll have to go back when the bruise heals.
I started the antibiotics on Wednesday and so we’ve “fired the first shot”. =) I’m planning to win this battle!
Alex was watching me peel some tape off the dressing and asked “Are you not sick anymore?” Yesterday the Home Health nurse gave him the mask she used when she changed the dressing on my arm, now he is all into playing doctor and giving shots with the used syringes. =)

Someone mentioned recently about a friend that got cancer. This friend said, “Lord I know your plan is perfect but are you sure you got the right person?” I’ve kinda felt that way myself.

The chorus of a song a friend sent to me goes like this;
For you are called to the kingdom for such a time as this,

God has designed that you be where you are,

Just touch the scepter held out to let you know,

You have the call and with it strength to go!
God gives me the strength and He will for you too. I don’t know where you are in your life but He’ll give you the strength to do what He’s called you to do!

Alex & I hanging out in my hospital bed. Alex likes to handle the controls!



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