The Switch

On Saturday, I had my first bicillin dose of 2.4 million units. Previously I had been getting 1.2 million units twice weekly. The 2.4 dosage will also be twice a week.

The 2.4 syringe is a thicker syringe and comes with a 20 gauge needle. Although that isn’t much larger than a 21 gauge it was still a bit unnerving.

I was uncomfortable doing the larger dosage by myself for the first time so Connie came over to make sure the bicillin all got into the muscle. The 1.2 dosage was always fairly easy to inject. The 2.4 is a different story! I had to apply more pressure to the plunger and by the time I was 3/4 finished, I was pressing so hard on the plunger, my arm was hurting and the paste was still just barely squeezing through the needle! There just wasn’t much place for it to go but thankfully it all stayed in the muscle.

I have been experiencing a Lyme Flare the last week.

Last Wednesday, while helping one of my students at their desk, I suddenly felt myself falling to the side. I manged to catch myself by grabbing hold of the desk. “That was weird,” I thought to myself. Several minutes later it happened again. I decided I had better go sit down. I was sitting in my desk chair behind my desk when it began to feel as if my mental computer was crashing. Pressure began building in my head and I slowly slid off my chair to the floor. When I landed on the floor I felt paralyzed. I couldn’t move my limbs. Even moving my eyes was a challenge.

Finally, I was able to call out to my 3rd grader to come help me and between the two of us I managed to get back on my chair. I wanted to finish out the day, but as I looked down at the teacher’s guide and tried to figure out how to teach the lesson, I realized this wasn’t going to work. So I sent Tristan for my sister Rozi in the upper grade classroom.

Between Rozi & my cousin Tinslie, they finished out the day and I went home to rest.

I still have a lot of pressure in my head and my short term memory is proving itself ornery.

Then, just yesterday, my legs began to weaken and my left leg will randomly give out on me. I don’t like where this is heading. I’m not that fond of Bart the cane! =)

I’m really hoping the higher dose of bicillin will correct these problems.

We think the physical & emotional stress of the last 8 weeks is to blame and I was not as careful as I should have been.


Right now I am, sadly, not teaching and waiting to hear from my doctor as to the next step.


2 thoughts on “The Switch

  1. When I saw the heading of your post “The Switch”. I knew it had to have a different meaning than the “switch” I was was familiar with growing up! Sorry to hear about your setback. Love ya! Uncle R


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