Pre-Wedding Blessings

Well, It’s past time to post! My married friends told me that life after the wedding doesn’t exactly slow down. I didn’t quite believe them, but now I do!

In the past 5 weeks since we returned from our honeymoon in Florida, we’ve had two elderly members of our church pass away, been on two trips and finally moved into our own little house on Barnett Road.

I do believe, however that things have finally slowed down. We are enjoying a Saturday at home and I told Joe I absolutely MUST post today!

Last weekend we spent four days in Texas thanks to the generosity of Paul Beachy who purchased tickets for us. Joe’s Parents and three of his siblings departed on Monday for Guatemala for another two year term in mission work. They are driving a bus down through Mexico. We were so glad to be able to spend some time with them.

Maria & Andrew provided us with entertaining conversation.

I received my wedding photos and I’m so excited to show them to you! but first I’d like to give you a peek into our life the few weeks and days leading up to the event. The majority of photo credits in this post go to Rosemary Wagler & Bradlyn Wagler.

There was the invitation stuffing/addressing party. The whole family was involved including Alex. There were numerous other details being worked on as time allowed.


Joe moved to South Carolina the first of May and began tearing into the house. Several work crews came and my mom graciously fed and hosted them all. About two weeks before the wedding, Joe’s family came from Guatemala & Texas. Jason, Joe’s dad, began building our cabinets and his mom and sisters painted the entire trailer! Then they cleaned it. And would you believe that I was so consumed with wedding details that I didn’t get any photos of all that hard work?! Here’s a photo of Joe spraying the primer on the walls.


As the wedding day drew near more people started showing up and our to-do list somehow never got shorter!

These two very dear girls came the Sunday before our wedding and literally saved the day! They just jumped in and helped me sort out what was necessary and what wasn’t and found solutions for would be disasters… every girl should have friends like these to share the pre-wedding jitters!

meet Arlene & Rosalie

My Aunt Jan came the week of the wedding and did the cooking, cleaning, washing and I’m sure a host of other things we never found out about!


My cousins helped in dozens of practical ways! These folks and my sisters, worked like crazy to give me an amazing wedding! God bless them!

We made flower balls… it may have been cheaper than real flowers but it was hours and hours of work! Joe’s sisters, my cousins & youth girls came one day to work on them.



We even worked on them one evening when my family and Joe’s family went out to the lake…


And then there were the flowers… I ordered most of my flowers from Sam’s Club with excellent results! On time delivery and gorgeous flowers… no this isn’t a review. *grin* They too required some care. The girls enjoyed the real flowers a lot more than the t-shirt rosettes!




image12However, I ordered spray roses from another online florist. The flowers arrived late. we could work with that. We had twelve hours till Leona needed them. BUT… Do these look like spray roses to you? Yeah, me neither. A sad fact. AAAAA! I’m a bride who spent quite a bit of time finding a wallet-friendly bouquet that I liked.

The company demanded a photo to prove they were not spray roses and said they would ship more but they wouldn’t arrive on time. We called several places but no one had the amount I needed and of course the price would be too high anyway!  I sent out a quick text to a friend who can somehow always find things or figure out a solution and my sister and I began googling bridal bouquets using the flowers we had… several minutes later my phone rang and it was Casey. “How many did you need?” She asked. I gave her the number of stems and she replied, “Ok, I found a florist that has them and I’ll have them there tomorrow.” I burst into tears! “It’s your wedding!” She said in response to my thanks. “I can’t believe they screwed up your order!”

Now flowers do not make a wedding. I would have been just as happily married and I know Leona would have done an amazing job creating a bouquet without those spray roses. But I’m glad God worked out that little detail.

Following are photos of the, may I say “organized chaos” that was our home the two days prior to the wedding…

We had groups of people out picking Queen Anne’s lace by the road side, folks cutting and tying together programs, last minute sewing and Marta made a diagram of the reception as a reference for the cooks & servers.


*photo credit C. Smucker Photography*

This is just a glimpse of all that happened those few weeks. So many people pitched in and helped, I could never name them all! But one couple I must mention is Zach & Crystal Funk. They flew in on Wednesday and WORKED hard the few days they were here. They saw work and did it. They took responsibility for different projects and we didn’t worry about it any more.

All in all… yes it was a stressful time for me. But I had family & friends to take care of things. I wasn’t feeling well the last several days before and actually only briefly saw the reception set-up before the wedding. My friends and family did all of it. They had a few photos to go by as the general look that I wanted, but otherwise they did all the decorating and set-up.

Well Saturday is almost over, and I have yet to finish this post!

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10 thoughts on “Pre-Wedding Blessings

  1. The way your friends and family pulled together and orchestrated a lovely wedding is just amazing. I know your planning and organization helped make that possible, too. Your personal attendants were TOP of the LINE. They were so sweet and caring and knew how to handle any situation. Your wedding was so beautiful to the eye and to the heart.


  2. Andrea i don’t think you know me but i visited your family years ago when you lived in was in ’92 or ’93 when i visited there with one of my close friends..anyhow i am following your posts and just wanted to tell you that i can hardly wait to see more of your wedding pics 🙂 Hopefully you are doing well and feeling ok… Victoria King


    1. Hmmm… I do remember the many visitors that would come over the years but only a very few of them actually stuck in my memory. =) mostly faces or incidents not really names.
      My health was a little up and down for a few weeks but this last week has been much better and I’m hoping to publish that wedding post by the end of the week. =)
      Thanks for caring!


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