A Whitman’s Sampler

  We went to listen to the school’s Christmas program on Friday evening. One of the first times I’ve been well enough to go out in a crowd in quite a long while. It was a lovely program. I very much enjoyed myself.

On our way out of the church, we stopped to grab our mail from our church mailbox. Among the cards was a small rectangular box wrapped in red tissue paper. A tag read: Joe & Andrea, Merry Christmas.

When the wrapping was removed, it revealed a Whitman’s Sampler of Premium Assorted Chocolates. 

“Ohh!” I sighed. I love chocolate.

“Babe, you know that’s not good for you!” Joe cautioned. 

I opened the lid anyway, and we both gasped and stared. There was no chocolate, instead the box was full of twenty dollar bills.

We have no idea who the creative and generous giver is. But this gift came with perfect timing, as my medical bills are a bit higher right now.

If you were the anonymous giver, please know we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 


3 thoughts on “A Whitman’s Sampler

  1. I love testimonies of how God works! What encouragement to you and others. I love finding things through the day, big or small that show how BIG God is. May He Bless you and yours, in big and little ways!


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