Be Joyful in Hope

An evening can begin like this: And it can end like this: My day can change in five minutes. Then we have the absence/petit mal siezures. These can last from ten seconds to almost a minute and occur with no warning. If I am standing, I will fall. A good day is two to five … Continue reading Be Joyful in Hope

Trust His Heart 

Grief, questions, uncertainty of our future have pushed their way into our lives in the last several weeks. We have faced several major disappointments in a short time.  It has been one of the toughest times in my life. I feel like I'm trying to hold up a large slab of rock that just keeps … Continue reading Trust His Heart 

Where No One Stands Alone

The past two weeks have been a set back with a total of four "seizure events" and a number of what my doctor says are similar to a petit mal where I zone out and cant respond. My brain decides breathing is the least of it's priorities and this puts responsibility on my caregivers to … Continue reading Where No One Stands Alone