A chalky, yellow liquid and very expensive. You could call it liquid gold. It's used to treat Babesia symptoms. For me, that would be night sweats and painful, burning hands & feet. Fortunately my cousin-in-law, Sonya, informed me of a patient assistance program offered by GlaxoSmithKline, the company that makes the medication. If you can … Continue reading Mepron

A Change in the Pattern

According to the pattern of the past two weeks, last night was suppose to be "seizure night". Praise God it wasn't! In addition to my normal anti-seizure meds, they decided to keep me on ativan during the day and also add valium when I show seizure activity. This makes me pretty drowsy, but we just … Continue reading A Change in the Pattern

Mission Accomplished!

I’m so excited! I have conquered IM injections! Yesterday, I SELF-INJECTED my Bicillin! I had been working up to this for a while. A week ago, I injected the Bicillin after Connie had done the needle stick and had aspirated. The next time I aspirated and injected the med, that had all gone fine. I wasn't sure … Continue reading Mission Accomplished!