Of Airport Anxiety 

I’ve never liked flying. 

I really, really dislike the take off and the landing.

And something always happens when I travel via airplane.

Either spending the night in an airport, a VERY scary landing, being delayed for HOURS on the plane, having a shouting conversation with a Mennonite preacher on the way out of customs, (he at the top of an escalator and me at the bottom 🙈) and mostly being considered a child. This makes for some very interesting moments if I’m traveling alone.

Tomorrow will be my first experience traveling with my current seizure disorder. My dystonia has been acting up the last week and the bright lights, the noise and the crowds have me a bit anxious.

My mom and I will be flying to Pheonix, Arizona for an appointment with Dr. Fry of Fry Laboratories. Joe is unable to go. He manages my aunt’s chicken farm and a new flock of chicks will be arriving on Tuesday. 

We will be flying out of Charlotte, NC at 2:30 pm and arriving in Pheonix at 6:30 pm. Our return flight departs Pheonix at 11:30 pm on Tuesday and arrives in Charlotte at 8:30 am on Wednesday. 

I’d like to ask for your prayers, for me, that I could handle the trip without my body reacting too much, for my mom, since the bulk of responsibility will be on her, for Joe as he stays home, and for our appointment with Dr. Fry.

Thank you all so much! Knowing we are covered in prayer gives me more confidence about this trip!

6 thoughts on “Of Airport Anxiety 

  1. We will be praying Andrea!! We enjoyed hearing some of your siblings sing at church tonight, and Bruce told me that y’all were headed for Phoenix tomorrow. Hope everything goes great!!


  2. Anj dear…We are praying for you !!!!! But the God of the mountain is still God in the valleys , when things go wrong he’ll make them right ….Don’t loose faith child you are NEVER alone…. Let God carry you through yet another unknown. He knows it alll.. Love you Rose


  3. Prayers, Andrea! I will be thinking of both of you &…praying! I know a little of what you feel in the landing..that’s the one I dislike the most. Be strong & courageous :)…the LORD is with you! Let Him hold you! ~~~ Eva


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